Thursday, February 01, 2007

It is Feb 1

I can't believe how fast time flies when you have a lot going on. Christmas was great!!!!! I took my dad home for the day from the nuring home and he had a great time!!!!!

I spent most of the month of Jan. working on getting my dad accounts together so we can start a spend down plan for medicaid....It has been a lot of work and I have most of it done. It is just not there yet and people from the nursing do care. But I am hoping by the fisrt week of March to have this all settled. In the middle of that maddness I cut my finger open and need stiches 3 of them. Ty did really well waiting the 3 hours it took to get seen and the cut closed up. I had a dear frined tell me she didn't want to be my friend anymore. Oh yeah it was by text message. I was going to call her to see what was wrong but with all the crazniess with my dad I didn't get to it right way. So I sent an email the other day but haven't heard any thing yet. I hope I will. I miss her so much as a friend. She was like a sister to me.

On a great note Ty turned one on the 23rd of Jan!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday my little man!!!!!

I have also been creating like a crazy lady the last few weeks. I have altered letters and a chipboard LOVE. I have done 8 LO's so far!!!!! I am hoping to have an even big month this month scrapbooking. I am going to have to post so pictures. I have really come along way since I started......

I am hoping this month is better! (both personally and I am hoping to be a better blogger)

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