Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a great time at Nana and Pop pop's(Matt's parents) on Thanksgiving. We eat a great meal and had a great time visiting!

Yesterday was Black Friday and I thought I wasn't going to get any shopping done since Matt was working and I had Ty. But when there is a will there is a way. I decided at 730am Ty and I were going to Kohl's. We got there at 8am and was out by 9am with gift bought for mostly everyone on the list. Ty's behavior was great so he got some cars as a treat!

Then we went to Weight Watchers and I stayed the same not bad for eating a big meal the day before!

Our last stop(or so I thought) was the grocery store. I had a craving for homemade chicken soup. So I got all my supplies and headed home. Then I discovered the stock pot was nowhere to be found. Off to Kmart we go. I got the stock pot and then the challege came. Every alsie had some kind of toy in it. Ty was having meltdowns left and right. Finally payed and was on our way home. The soup turned out great!

This morning at 7am(was offically off on call) I got dressed and headed out to Toys R Us. I was in and out and got eveything on my list all under 45 mins.

We spent the morning decorating and now we are heading out to Walmart. Wish us luck!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

20 Things I am Thankful for - not in any particular order

I am borrowing this blog post idea from my friend Erin. Her blog link is off to my right(Does this house feel like a shoe?).

So my 20 things:

1. My husband Matt
2. My son Tyler
3. My dad is still with us
4. My in-laws
5. My brother getting it together
6. Coffee
7. The great friends I have(both old and new)
8. My Silpada business
9. Having a roof over our heads
10.My aunt who has become more like a mom since my mom passes
11.Surprises that come in the mail
12.Weight Watchers for showing me a new way to eat
13.Health insurance
14.Nick jr so I can have some sanity during the day
15.My crazy cat that is so sweet to Ty no matter how hard he pets her
16.Washable markers, crayons and paint
17.Apples taking over my sweet tooth
18.MOMS Club
19.My family
20.Books so I can have a distraction from my crazy life

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mommy why you yawn?

That was the question my son (age 3) asked me this morning.

Let's see son you did not sleep through the night in 4 nights and the only reason why you slept last night was because I slept with you so that we can get some sleep.

Which I didn't sleep well. I was up at 3am like every other morning the child wakes. I was waiting for the party to start like it always does but to my surprise he snored his way through the 3am hour right to the 645am hour. I like 645am much better then 3am. I hope we can have a repeat tonight and maybe just maybe I can do it in my own bed not with Ty in his.

I don't know why he has decided against sleep lately.....I really don't but it is making for some cranky parents.

If your reading this please send us some sleep through the night(everyone in their own beds) vibes!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Sunday

So Sunday was our only weekend day to do something as a family since Matt had to work and be on call on Saturday.

I decided it would be a great day to head to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square,PA and afterwards run a few errands. Well our day started at 330am. Ty got up and would not go back to sleep....Lucky me!

I wasn't going to let the early morning wake up call ruin the day. At 830am we piled in the car and heading for Longwood(with a Dunkin Donuts stop). We arrive and so far so good! We headed right for the fall train display with Ty leading the way(have I mentioned this kid LOVES trains).

Ty ran around and around the display( did I mention this is his 3rd time to it. He would explain what trains were going around the display to anyone who would listen.

After we finished at the train display we headed for the conservatory. I was every excited to see all the fall colors they had up! It was the last day for the display and it did not disappoint me.

We did spend to much time in the conservatory Ty was trying to go for a swim in the pools. We left there and the toddler melt downs started(remember he has been up since before the chickens)we knew they we going to come we just hoped they would have waited until we were out of Longwood. It makes the walk to the car so much longer when you have to stop every few feet to either watch the child throw themselves on the ground or pick them up because they can't or wont walk. Finally we make it back to the car.

Now it is decision we continue with the errands we have to run or go home where he is going to be grumpy and not nap. So we decided to share his good mood with others.

First stop was Best Buy we wanted to do a little browsing and I needed a flash drive. Well he latched on to this Jeep toy thing that I think was more for the computer then a toy. So the throwing ourselves on the floor and mommy pick me up started again. So I made my way over to the computer section were I was approached by a man trying to sell me on Comcast. HELLO crying, whining child and you want to know who I get my Internet from. Told him I was in love with my FIOS and moved on. Found the flash drives and made our way to the check out. Now the toddler is starting to settle down! It was short lived. At the check out they had all kinds of candy(why oh why do you do that to parent??). He started freaking out over M&M's which he was not getting. Finally out of the store and back in the car. I am sure the people of Best Buy were not sad to see us go.

Decision time again...Do we go to New Balance for new sneakers for the toddler??? Sure why not...right? To our shock he was great! Picked out sneakers and tried them on like a pro. We pay and head for the car. Then he asks I want M&M's....ugh.

We head home have lunch and then head to Matt model train club open house. The kid had a ball and was well behaved until time to leave. We wrestled him to his sit and then took off. The whole way home (until he passed out....finally) he yelled about wanting a hot dog.

We had hog dogs for dinner just for him.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time for some painting

I have been wanting to paint our master bedroom for months. Matt wanted my to wait until the winter. Well we are just about there and now I have to make a color decision.

I am I would love to make one of the walls an accent wall and the rest a neutral. Matt doesn't love that idea. So I am going to put it to a vote on my blog. I am hope with some feed back we can make a decision.

The colors

All three together

Hallowed Hush

Gobi Desert

Sandstone Cove

I am thinking Hallowed Hush as the accent wall and the rest I not sure. I am looking for any and all suggestions.


Friday, November 20, 2009

So Sleepy

Late night my friend Erin hosted MNO(moms night out)at her house. She just got a new flat screen tv and she decided it would be fun to have us over eat some snacks and watch Twilight(yes we are all over the age of 14 and enjoy ourselves a little Edward and/or Jacob) of the big tv!

We had a great time!!!

There were 7 of us and Erin's brave husband Jeff. We laughed so hard I was almost in tears. 5 out of the 8 of us that watched the movie have read the book OR seen the movies before(more then once for some). So there was a whole of that not how it is on the book and we had to catch the 3 non readers up to speed because in my opinion the movies missed so key elements from the book. We wrapped up the party around 11:15....way past my bedtime.

So I get home and hope right into bed so I can get some sleep before my toddler 5am wake up call. Well the 5am wake up call turned out to be a 2:30am wake up call. So from 2:30 til about 4am my wonderful son would not go back to sleep. Finally get him back to sleep and get myself back to sleep it quickly turned to 6am and time for Matt to get up and ready for work. Lucky me!

Since we were up with the chickens I put together a very long to do list so I can keep busy and hopefully awake all day. The list is full of fun stuff like laundry. I am giving up on hope the laundry fairy is going to visit my house this week and do the laundry and put it away for me. Cleaning....lots of, kitchen and the usual follow the toddler around and pick up the destruction in his wake. One bright spot is playtime at Ty's friends house this afternoon. I am sure by the time we head out for the play date we will be more then happy to get out of the house for a while. I know my dad enjoys the quite when we are gone.

Well I better get started on my long to do list while I still believe I will not fall asleep standing up.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weight Loss and the Dentist

What do they have in common you ask....Nothing...It just that it is Thursday and I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Thursdays and I had a dentist appointment today because my left rear molar has been hurting when I chewed.

So my big weigh in I lost 1.4 pounds this past week and I am .6 pounds away from the 10 pound mark!!!!! Woohoo Go Me....Go Me!!!

I started this weight loss journey 4 weeks ago and I think I am doing really well so far! I didn't realize 4 weeks ago when I started that I need to do this so I can go off a medication I just started last week. While at the doctor for a sinus infection he went over my blood work and the labs came back that I am diabetic. So now I am on the I need to lose weight fast so I can get off this pill and maintain with diet and exercise. Talk about a wake up can and motivation. My mom passed away 6 years (almost 7) ago from complications from her diabetes. I don't want that to happen to me so I am telling everyone who will listen(mainly my therapist because I pay her to listen to me) that I am going to loss weight I am going exercise and I want everyone to hold me accountable. I want more babies(yes babies; two more maybe) one day and I need to this for my current family and the one we plan to have in the future.

Okay so that is my weight loss news. Now on to the dentist.

I have been having a little pain in my left rear molar for about 2 weeks. I decided to head to the dentist so I can prevent a root canal and get it filled(did I mention I have cheap Irish teeth as my dad would say). So I get there.... xrays comes in and says I think you need a root canal. Great, wonderful....back to the waiting room I go so I can wait to take to billing and scheduling. I get called back and I am told that the root canal will be $827 out of my pocket the insurance company will pick up the other $1,500. Which I already new because I am still paying off my April root canal out of pocket expense(remember cheap Irish teeth). So I sign my life away for another $827....what is another almost $1,000 in debt at this point right. I am scheduled for the root canal at 1030am(today). Great, lets get this over with.

While I wait to get called back I text the husband to let him know we are now $827 deeper in the hole and I call Ty's preschool/daycare and let them know I maybe late for pick up at noon.

I get called back and the dentist gives me great news he is going to drill first to check the extent of the cavity and if all looks good he will fill the tooth and save our Christmas( I figured of I needed the root canal I could ask Santa or anything else and Matt would have to enjoy my new root canal too because that's all we were getting this year). Since God was on my side this morning he ended only needing to fill the tooth and while he was in there he fill the one in front of it because it need a filling too(cheap Irish teeth remember).

So all in all pretty good day......1.4 pounds lighter....filling instead of a root canal....and Ty has yet to pee on the floor.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where are your brown shoes?

So where are you shoes is a common question in our house. I swear someone or something eats my child's shoes. Every time we go to leave the house we spend 5-10mins looking for shoes(brown shoes, sneakers, Thomas the Tank Crocs or the red and blue Crocs).

We look under the sofa...nothing, we look in the bedrooms...nothing, we looking in the basket where they belong...nothing. How can this be???

Sometimes I luck out and find a pair in the car. See the coolest thing in Ty's toddler mind right now is walking in from the car shoe and sock less......I wonder if that is going to stop once it get colder....hmmm I will keep you posted.

So this how the shoe search is going this week.

The other day we searched and searched for Ty's brown shoes for our family pictures we were have taken at our house by my awesome photographer friend Kristen. Couldn't find them anywhere....not even in the car. So we had to squeeze his foot into his old brown shoes that were about a size to small because he was not going to wear his Crocs(the only shoes I can find). After the photo shoot he removed the too small shoes and put his Crocs on and hide the size too small shoes.

So this morning we were running late(like always) because dad needed to use the bathroom just before we were ready to leave(mind you asked 15 mins earlier if he had to go). So while we are waiting for grandpa to finish we start the dreaded shoe search. Do you think I could find any that fit(we found ones that were to small) NO. Then I remember that the Thomas Crocs are in the car. Great! Now do walk out and get them or make him walk to the car with out shoes. Yeah we opted for the walk with out shoes since he was already halfway out the door(once he is ready to he is ready to go).

But this still doesn't answer my question as to where are your brown shoes. How can I only find Thomas Crocs(which he is about to outgrow)? Where is the other red and blue Croc???

So this afternoon I will be send out the search party for the brown shoes and the missing Croc....If located they will go back into the basket were they belong and we can start the Where are your shoes? process.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting back into blogging

So I was at my Tuesday Marketing meeting that my friend Donna puts on and everyone at the meeting that follows me on Facebook asked to get back into blogging so I can give details about my crazy status.

So here I am trying to get back into blogging. I can't promise I will blog daily or even weekly but I will try to update often.

So what has been going on since January. Hmmmm....let's see.

Tyler is getting bigger by the day. I can't believe he is going to be 4 in January. WOW time flies. He is doing well in school. I think he is starting to like it a lot. Now if I can get him to sleep past 5 am on most mornings I will one happy mommmy.

Matt is doing well. He is working hard at work and got a pay decrease of his raise this year. Gotta LOVE the state. On the upside he still has a job right.

Dad is doing well and I am hoping to take him over to Ireland for a 3 month stay sometime late spring/early summer.

Me I have been back on the weight loss bandwagnon. I went back to Weight Watchers 4 weeks ago and I am already down 8 lbs!!!! I was diagnosed with diabetes last week. The doctor hope some weight loss and diet changes I can go off the meds I am currently on for diabetes. I have been working hard at booking shows for my Sterling Silver jewelry business and I started selling and taking wellness products(if you want more info let me know!)

So that is just a little run down. Now I have to get back to the laundry since the laundry fairies missed my house this week. I hope they come next week and bring the mop fairies with them.