Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just because

I am posting just because.

We had such a crazy weekend.

Friday I went to work until 4 pm.

Saturday Ty had a birthday party. So cute Ty going to his first friend birthday party! Then I went home and packed.

Sunday we got up at the crack of early. Packed the car and drove for 5 1/2 hours to a town in western PA for a funeral for Matt's great aunt. We check in the hotel got changed then it was off to the funeral home. I meet a lot of Matt's family I had never meet b/c we had a really small wedding. Ty was the most well behaved baby.

Monday we got and were back on the road by 830 am. We finally made it home by 5pm. We did stop and see my dad. Who is doing great. He stood up for us!!!!!!He is doing so much better.

Yesterday we just hung out

Today we had a busy day. We had playgroup then we went and saw my dad. He eat all of his lunch and used the bathroom all on his own!!!!!! I know it may not seem like anything big but after all he has been through. Using the bathroom on his own is big. Especially since his insurance company said he reached a plateu. He didn't they just didn't want to pay for rehab anymore. I get so mad everytime I think about. He could be doing so much more if he was still in rehab. But he is making all this progress on his own. His own will. I know he will continue to move forward because a strong willed person and always gives his 110%. One day I am going to call and tell the insurance company how wrong they were.

Tonight I am going to try to scrap a little and attended chat night over at the Scrapbook Society. All the details are on the web site! It is always a good time! There is a great group of women on that site!

Another great site is Scrappers Bliss! More great ladies and more inspiration!

I am hoping to get some good mommy/ baby links on the blog this week!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Scrapbooking Layouts

This is the first time I tried out a 2 page layout. These are pictures from our day out with Thomas.

This layout I used Junkitz paperz. I love Tyler in this picture!

This layout is from the Junkitz Halloween line. Didn't he make the cuties cow!

This layout I used 3 bugs in a rug patteren paper. I love watching Tyler at play!

This layout I used SR patteren paper nad MM letters. Tyler was so good about getting his picture taken with Santa!

In this layout I used Basic Grey Blush line. We went to the W& W railroad to see santa and take a train ride.

I love creating scrap pages of my family. I love that I get to make these pretty pages and they will be around for years to come to share the memories.

Thanks for looking!!!!!

Valentine's Day

Okay at the top picture is of the card I made for Matt from Tyler; the next picture is of the table I set for dinner last night; the next two pictures are of the altered band-aid tin and mini book I put inside the tin. I made the tin to tell Matt the top 10 reasons why I love him!!!!

Dinner was yummy too! I made a crockpot Roast with veggies. It is one of Matt's favorites. For dessert I made red velvet cupcakes with Hershey Kisses in the middle with white frosting. Yummy!

The best part is Tyler eat the veggies. Woohoo!!!!!! He is not a big veggie toddler.

Matt got me a nice card with coupon inside for house work. So cute! and He got me a big bag of my favorite candy.....Hershey Kisses!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pictures of Ty's first birthday

Ty have cake for the first.

He really liked haivng the cake. We had to take it away from him. To think his first bit he had a look of what is this. I also must confess I forgot his candle. Matt had to run to the store and buy a candle. I reallt thought I had very thing when I picked up the food at the store in the morning but no. When it can time for cake no candle. Thank goodnes we have a store right up the street.

Here is a picture of my dad and Ty. You can really see the love they have for each other. I think my dad looks great for a person that had a major heart attack, 6 bypasses and a mojor stroke all within a week. That was only 7 months ago. Ty is differently my dad's inspiration to get better. Ty is the reason he decided to go to the hospital when he was having his heart attack. Ty is diffenently the greatest gift to his grandpa.

The last picture is Ty's 1 yr picture I took of him. I can't believe how much he has changed over the past year. He was so tiny and how he is days away from walking. He is the greatest gift me and Matt share. He makes me smile on days when I think I can't because I have so much going on with my dad's medical stuff, bills all that fun stuff that goes with it. I enjoy everyday I spend with him. I am so lucky I can stay home with me and watch him grow everyday.
I am also going to use this picture for his birthday thank you cards.

It is snowing outside!

It is snowing out that means I am stuck in the car seat is in the car not in the SUV.....I am hoping to get some baking done......and work on some scrapping projects.....

My plans for Valentine's day are as followes banana nut bread and coffee for breakfast....lunch still unknown...But dinner is going to be a crock pot roast beef, cheese and crackers and red velvet cupcakes with kisses in the middle.....after Ty heads to bed we are going to watch a movie.......

Look for new pictures of Ty to be posted tomorrow!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I got some scrappin mojo going on this weekend

I am so happy with these 3 LO did last night after Ty went to bed. I was inspired by so challenges going on over at the Scrapbook Society ( I always find inspiration on that site. Plus I get to use my kit for the current month, insteas of it sitting over in the corner not being used. I love the monthly kits from that site. You get great products and a cool technique every month and the people on hte site are wonderful. We are like one big scrappin family.
I still feel this mojo going through my scrappy brain. So today I am hoping to work on 3 projects. If they come to light I will post them later.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I was creative today

This morning I made 3 cards before noon...woohoo for me!!!!!!

One was a birthday card, another was a menu card I made for Valentine's day and the last one is a congrats card to a friend who got engaged yesterday! I am so happy for her!!!!!!!
Thanks for Looking!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

It is Friday!

It is Friday and the weekend is here!!!!! It is funny how Friday nights have change for me at this point in my life. I love to be at home with my little man. The other big event on a Friday night is to clean the house. Wow a few years ago we would try to find someplace to go out to. Life has changed for us.

As to what is on tap for this weekend there is a lot. Tomorrow my 2 cousins are coming to my house and then we are off to the scrapbook store, then swing in and see my dad, then to AC Moore and then maybe some dinner. In the morning I am hoping to get some scrapping done.

Sunday I am planning on cleaning out Ty's closet. He out grows his clothes so fast. I also want to finish cleaning out the kitchen closets.

Me and Matt watched Oprah the other day and her show was all about decluttering. So now we are on a decluttering kick. So far we decluttered our bed room and it is looking good. Now we are on to the kitchen. It is shaping to looking pretty good. I now have so much more room for stuff. It feels good doing this decluttering. Hopefully we will keep up at this pace and have everything clutter free by spring.

Our next big task is to come up with a budget and cut costs. We would like nothing more then to be debt free within the next few years.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It is freezing

it is so cold out today and it going to be just as cold my husband is sick and I am not feeling all that started with Ty have a tummy bug the other night and it had been down hill for the rest of us since..... I am hoping spring comes soon!!!!! I need warmth!!!!!! don't get me wrong I like a little snow nad cold but not 8 degrees........ugh....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Today is the big day!!!!!! I love football!!!!!!I can't wait to watch!

More happy news for me......I got two new is an old one I had a few years ago before I am heading back for weekend work.....the other job is working for an organization called Welcome visit with people that just moved to the area and get paid well to visit!!!!!!!! Plus I still have my Silpada Jewelry business!!!!!!

So I can still stay home with the little man and make a little cash!!!!! wooohoooo!!!!!


I have been trying to upgrade my blog, I can't seem to create a Google account. I am so fed up with it...........

Thursday, February 01, 2007

It is Feb 1

I can't believe how fast time flies when you have a lot going on. Christmas was great!!!!! I took my dad home for the day from the nuring home and he had a great time!!!!!

I spent most of the month of Jan. working on getting my dad accounts together so we can start a spend down plan for medicaid....It has been a lot of work and I have most of it done. It is just not there yet and people from the nursing do care. But I am hoping by the fisrt week of March to have this all settled. In the middle of that maddness I cut my finger open and need stiches 3 of them. Ty did really well waiting the 3 hours it took to get seen and the cut closed up. I had a dear frined tell me she didn't want to be my friend anymore. Oh yeah it was by text message. I was going to call her to see what was wrong but with all the crazniess with my dad I didn't get to it right way. So I sent an email the other day but haven't heard any thing yet. I hope I will. I miss her so much as a friend. She was like a sister to me.

On a great note Ty turned one on the 23rd of Jan!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday my little man!!!!!

I have also been creating like a crazy lady the last few weeks. I have altered letters and a chipboard LOVE. I have done 8 LO's so far!!!!! I am hoping to have an even big month this month scrapbooking. I am going to have to post so pictures. I have really come along way since I started......

I am hoping this month is better! (both personally and I am hoping to be a better blogger)