Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful day!

Today is Earth Day and it was a beautiful day here in the mid-atlantic! Mother Nature knocked herself out with the weather today! It was nice to leave the house without a coat! I worked today so I got to watch everyone having a great time outside from the office window. But that's okay I did meet so great people and had great conversations!

Here are two cards I worked on tonight. Thye thanks card is for my hostess of my Silpada party on Thursday and the birthday wishes is for Matt's birthday on Thursday.

PAD Challenge layout #4 and 5

This is the layout I did for 4/21, I am having some problems uploading to the gallery at So I hope they will be up on the site soon!

This is the layout I did for today 4/22. I scrapped hte store about Tyler peeing out of his crib in just his tee shit, socks and Robeez.

Thanks for Looking!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

PAD Challenge layout #3

This layout is for the Page a Day challenge at I am posting it a little early because I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

PAD Challenge layout #2

Day 2 of the Page a Day layout challenge over to

This a layout of Tyler and the Easter Bunny. You have never guessed that right before this picture was taken this kid was having the world's biggiest toddler meltdown on the plant. As soon as he sat in front of the camera he turned on the smile.

This is another layout I did today because I was on a roll! I am hoping to get another one done tonight!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog Challenge

Okay over at Scrapgal they have blog challenges so I am going to give some a try. Today's challenge your to-do list. So here is mine:

1. Drop off Ty at Tracey's at 930. Done
2. BNI trainning 10am-1pm. Done
3. Pick up Ty before 130pm. Done
4. Complete one scrappy LO. Done
5. Clean the kitchen. Done
6. Clean dinningroom. Done
7. organize my Silpada Jewelry.
8. Clean up livingroom after Ty heads to bed.
9. Put maginze's in the rack.
10. call the pest contro guy for the ants.

10 is the first thing on my list tomorrow. I swear we live on an ant hill.

Page a day challenge

Over at they are having a Page a Day Challenge. Here is the layout I did for the challenge.

Funny story about Tyler. I walked into his room yesterday to get him after his nap and I found him pantless, diaperless standing and peeing. Yes I walked in and my son was standing up in his tee shirt, socks and Robeez peeing between the crib bars. yesterday my son became a man. He found out he could stand and pee.

I did not get a picture of this but I have a cute picture of him look all like I do no wrong. so I am going to scrap the store to that picture.

If he is doing things like this at 14 months what is going to be doing at 3?

Friday, April 13, 2007

New Computer

I am posting from my new Apple Macbook! I love this computer! My old laptop was just that old. So I am hoping this one will last a while. matt is also in the market from a new computer. But he wants a PC.

I almost forgot Ty took his first two steps today. My Little Man is getting so big. Soon I will be chasing him around. I am hoping to get a few pictures of him walking with out holding on this weekend.

Tonight I had beauty night. I went and got my nails done and brows waxed.

Tomorrow I have work then I have so homes to visit for Welcome Neighbor. Then on Sunday I have work and then the snowrain mix is going to start. Well that's what they are talking about right now. I just want it to be spring for more then a day. Come on nice weather!!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Scrappy projects

The first Layout is of Ty with his red wagon he got for his first birthday. The card is the card I made for Matt for our special day. The last project is a mini book I made about Where my heart is. Thanks for looking!

How cute is he?

Here are a few picture's of Tyler from April 4th. It was back when we had spring temps out. He did not know what to make of the grass. I think once he know how fun the yard is, he wont be sitting still for long.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

I had to work today so Matt and Ty headed down to see Nana and Pop-pop at the beach. I headed over the hospital to see my dad after work. He seems to be doing okay. He had another stroke on Thursday.

I am hoping to post so really cute pictures of Ty with his new big boy hair cut. He had his first hair cut in Jan but this cut makes he look so much older. My little man is getting so big.

So as for this evening I have to myself. I am going to clean (oh, what fun) and then I am going to scrap. Then post so of the projects I have been working on.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am such a bad blogger

It has been like 3 weeks since I blog last. But a lot has gone on is the past few weeks that I just have not had the time to blog.

Two weeks ago my dad had a seizure and hit his head. He is all better now but I did not have him go back to the nursing home. SO he is living with me. SO over the last two weeks I have setting up new doctor appointment's making appointment's and finding home health aid. I am happy to report most of that is done and we are doing well so far!

Also 2 weeks ago was me and Matt's 3rd wedding anniversary. Needless to say with everything that had gone on we did not get to celebrate. But tonight we are going to. We are going to go to one our favorite micro-brew restaurant's. We are also going to do a little shopping. My brother is going to baby sit for us. I am hoping to get a cute picture of me and Matt(I am hoping we dress up!). So look for a picture post tomorrow!