Thursday, August 30, 2007


Matt and I just got back from vacation!

This has been a trip we have really needed. We have so much happen over the last year, we need us time.

We took a trip to a couple's only resort in the Pocono Mts.

We had a get 2 and half days together! We went for walks and talked without interruption from a toddler or from my dad.

We saw The Wrecker's while we were there and they were great!

But boy did I miss Tyler. We had not seen in almost a week. So when we got home Matt meet his parents half way and picked up our little man. I think he missed us! We sure missed him!

Now we are counting down the until our next trip the Pocono Mts. in October.

Here is a picture of Matt and I all dressed up for the concert.

Here is a picture of Joel and Kate. It was Kate's idea for the 2 day trip. She really wanted to see The Wrecker's.

Here is a picture of the four of us.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What we did on Tueday

On Tuesday Tyler and I drove in the pouring rain to visit my very best friend and Tyler's godmother Dayna. We had a great time sitting around and catching on our lives and watching Tyler play. It was well worth the long drive in the pouring rain.

I miss Dayna so much since we live so far apart. I remember not being able to go to the corner store without each other and now we live 2 hours away from each other. But we have the phone, email and text messaging to keep in touch.

Here is Dayna and Tyler.

I have also been on a creative strike. I have completed 3 lo's the last 3 days and made a tag for Carly's Birthday over at

I am up to 45 LO's for the year. I am almost half way to my goal over 100.

These two LO's show Tyler's growth over his first year. She is growing so fast. I don't normally do 2 pager's but I have so many pictures that I had to do one. I am not 100% happy with but I love those pictures of Tyler!

This one is of Ty and my dad at Tyler's first birthday party. Dad loves to hug and kiss Ty.

This is the tag I made for Carly. I am not very good at tags but I think this one came out pretty good.

Thanks for Looking!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I got flowers for my Birthday yesterday! Matt never buys me flowers. He calls them weeds, but yesterday he came home with a dozen red roses.

Here is a picture of them!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My mom

My mom passed away 4 years ago in Jan. Last night was the first time I have ever scrapped a page about her. I scrapped the last picture we took of her. It was taken at Christmas, her favorite holiday, she passed away a month later. I miss he so much some days but I know it was the biggest blessing the day she passed away. She has so many health problems and none of the problems were reversible. She had cancer and she was in renal failure. SO she is in a much better place.

SO here is my layout about my mom:

The journaling reads:
My mom passed away Jan. 2003. She had a lot of health problems. so we felt her passing was a blessing. But with that said I miss her so much. I missed her ar my wedding. I missed her the day Ty was born. I miss her every Christmas. It was her favorite holiday. I wonder what she would think of Matt? I wonder what she would think of her grandson? I miss her telling me what to do (never thought I would say that). I hope she is proud of me. I hope she is looking down and smiling at the grand baby she always wanted to have. I know one thing she is our angel above! I miss you Mom!

Happy Belated Birthday Mom!

Her birthday was August 5th. She would have been 59.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Love 2 Create

I got my kit from on Friday and I could not wait to tear into it.

This kit had Rusty Pickle pattern paper, Twinkling H20 Radiant Rain (awesome), and a really cool doodle template.

So when I got back last night from dh and I's night away I broke out the kit and got creative! I did two 6 x 12 LO's. I have never scrapped that size. It was fun!

SO here are my creations:

This LO was created from this months sketch at ilove2create.

This LO is for Rachael's August Challenge.

This LO was to use the other half of the 6 x 12 cardstock and other scraps.

Our weekend was great! We had a great time at Matt's friends house. But I got no pictures. We got there to late and most people had take off there toga's.

We even got a jump on the Ty Christmas shopping. We are going to buy a one present a paycheck. I am hoping we will have Ty's shopping complete by the end of November.

I will try to update again tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy first day of August!

I am so excited it is finally August! Matt and I have to trips planned this month for just the two of us! I am really looking forward to having so us time. Most days it is about everyone else around us. So it should be nice.

Our first little trip is an over night this weekend. We are going to a friend's house in Hershey, PA for a party and we are staying over in a hotel. The funny part is it is a toga party. Matt wants to dress up so look for pictures next week!

I hoping to finish a project tomorrow. I will post it then.

Have a great night!