Friday, February 09, 2007

It is Friday!

It is Friday and the weekend is here!!!!! It is funny how Friday nights have change for me at this point in my life. I love to be at home with my little man. The other big event on a Friday night is to clean the house. Wow a few years ago we would try to find someplace to go out to. Life has changed for us.

As to what is on tap for this weekend there is a lot. Tomorrow my 2 cousins are coming to my house and then we are off to the scrapbook store, then swing in and see my dad, then to AC Moore and then maybe some dinner. In the morning I am hoping to get some scrapping done.

Sunday I am planning on cleaning out Ty's closet. He out grows his clothes so fast. I also want to finish cleaning out the kitchen closets.

Me and Matt watched Oprah the other day and her show was all about decluttering. So now we are on a decluttering kick. So far we decluttered our bed room and it is looking good. Now we are on to the kitchen. It is shaping to looking pretty good. I now have so much more room for stuff. It feels good doing this decluttering. Hopefully we will keep up at this pace and have everything clutter free by spring.

Our next big task is to come up with a budget and cut costs. We would like nothing more then to be debt free within the next few years.

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