Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Dinning Room

So Matt and I have decided to get our house organized and give it a fresh coat of paint.

We are starting with the dinning room. We are going to clean very thing out of the room tonight and if we don't finish tonight then tomorrow night too. Then we are going to paint and put the picture's back up and put the furniture back into place.

Here are the before picture's. Keep in mind it is really mess in there because we just finished dinner and I have my scrap stuff in there so it is ready to go to a crop tomorrow night.

After dinner we took Tyler outside so he could expel so energy.

This picture is of Tyler on his Little Tike's slide.

Okay we are off to get the dinning room cleaned out and repainted! Wish us luck! We are going to need!!

1 comment:

Marz said...

good luck!!!
I repainted our dining room/living room last year, however it took me about 2 months, lol.
I wish one could just paint, I hate prep & clean up.