Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 days since I last updated

I have been so busy I haven't had much time to blog.

My uncle and and cousin have left and we have a great visit with them!

I picked up Tyler today from nana and pop pops. He was there this past weekend because Matt was away for a guys weekend with his brother and 2 other guys and I had to work.

Matt and the other guys went to Railfest 2007. He will be home in a little while and I can't wait! When he gets home we are going to clean out the dinning room so we can start painting. We are also going to clean out our bedroom.

I am also hoping to start the moving process of my scrap room and his train room. But before I move into my new digs I have to paint. I want the room to bright and fun! I need this space to help me get the scrapping juices flowing. I can't wait to post before and after pictures! I am really excited I am going to have a space of my own. A place where I can go in shut the door and go into my own world.

I am hoping to have a scrap section and a little reclining chair so I can read without interruptions. I am also going to put a table and chairs in there so I can have friends over to crop. I am hoping to host monthly crops with members of my MOMS Club. I am also hoping to have book club meeting in there when it is my turn to have the club over. So I hope our book club works out!

Hopefully I will have my dinning room painted this week and I can post so I can post so after pictures!


Scrapbook Princess said...

ohh sounds so great!! Cant wait to see it

Amy said...

Do post the pictures! I can't wait to see it all, it's going to be so awesome!

p.s. those altered alphabets were absolutely GORGEOUS! I was very impressed - and the card to - THANK YOU!