Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No sleep til....

Tyler's ear infection goes away. We have had 2 slept less nights the last two nights. So I am hoping the meds will kick in soome and help my little guys feel better. He will get 2 dose in today so he should be feeling better by tonight.

Tomorrow Ty goes for a hair cut and boy does he need one. His hair is so long around his ears.

This afternoon we are going on the quest for a new cordless phone. We have been without one for over a month and it is drivng me nuts. It is very hard to run into the kitchen every time (and it is a lot) the phone rings. Ty goes nuts at the gate and I can't see everything he is going in the living room and he is at the age were he can't be trusted alone.

I think we will run out to Joann's too. Matt needs fabric for his toga. Yes, Matt needs a toga for a party we are going to next weekend. I told Matt I am not wearing one. We are to old to "dress up" for a party. Don't worry picture's will be taken!

Speaking of pictures here are a few of Ty in his new tropical shirt I picked up for him at the consignment shop.

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