Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where have I been?

Well the answer is all over the place.

On Tuesday morning my dad have a seizure. So I took him to the ER and at 4pm they told me they were going to admit him. So he stayed in the Hospital until Friday. Now he is home and seems to be doing well.

So after I left the hospital on Tuesday we headed down to the beach to have a big family BBQ at Matt's mom and dad's. There were 7 kids 9 and under. Matt's aunt was there with all her family and there families. So Ty got to meet some of his other cousin's. We had a great time and of course it is not a party without a toddler running around in a diaper and of course it was my child.

I also got a few cute picture's to scrap of the kid's playing together and we took a big family picture and of the the 3 I have Tyler is not looking anywhere near the camera. That's my boy!

Then on Wednesday my brother came up to watch Ty while I went to a meeting and then when Matt came home from work we went on a date. We had dinner and had coffee at Border's. When we got home Ty had cut his toe and walked all over the living room so we cleaned his toe and the living room floor.

Thursday Ty and I went to play at play date.

Friday I picked up dad and then headed to a crop. Were I created one 8 1/2 x 11, one 11x 8 1/2 and one 12x12. This was the first time I worked with any other size then 12 x 12. I will post my creations later.

I worked yesterday. Last night Ty got sick at 1130 and had a fever. He is doing a little better today, but now I think I have a touch of something. I left work at 10am and napped until 1:30. I am still feeling sick and haven't really eaten anything, but I am so hungry.

I think tonight after dinner I am going to do a little painting in the dinning room and maybe so scrapping.

I hope I feel better tomorrow I have a big week this week. I have a jewelry show Wednesday and Friday I am have a Girls day out with my cousins. We are heading to King of Prussia for the Creating Keepsakes convention, some mall shopping, Harry Pottery at the IMax theater and dinner at one of favorite restaurants!


Scrapbook Princess said...

Ohh Trish, I hope you and Ty feel better!! Enjoy your cropping:)

scrappermimi said...

Hope your dad and Ty are feeling better.

Sounds like a great trip to the beach and for the family reunion. Can't wait to see your pix!

Have fun on Friday!