Friday, March 28, 2008

March is almost over

I can't believe March is almost over. I feel like I got nothing done this month because I blinked and the month is over.

So a quick recap of March we demoed our guest bathroom around March 14 and the contractor was here March 17th and started putting up drywall. As of today all that is left is to paint and put in the toilet and sink!!!!! DH and I are going to start painting tonight and Monday the plumber will be here to put in the toilet and sink.

DH and I spent 3 nights and 4 days away from the maddness of our life and celebrate our 4th wedding anniversery. It was great to spend time just us.

Tyler started daycare. He likes it but when I drop him off he screams and cries but his teacher tells me he has a great time after I leave.

We spent Palm Sunday with some family. We had a great time and the kids got to hunt for eggs.

We colored eggs the night before Easter Sunday. Tyler had great fun putting the eggs in the cups of dye and he LOVED seeing the eggs change from white to color. He keep saying I think he is going to have even more fun next year!

Finally sings of spring.

Thanks for reading!


Rachael said...

The month did go by so fast!! I just wish the spring weather was here for good.

Like the last pic especially.

Is that Easter outfit one of Jack's? It looks very familiar!

scrappermimi said...

Yep, were did the time go?

Such cute Easter pics of Ty!

Scrapbook Princess said...

Time does go by so fast!! Good luck with your bathroom. I love the pictures. Don't worry about preschool crying... my daughter did that for a few days, and it really does stop the second you are out the door!

Patrice~ said...

love those father-son pics, Trish!
and your flowers are lovely - ohhhh, I'm anxious for spring!!

Stacy Cartwright said...

I agree the month went by to fast. I am looking forward to April though.

Sounds like you had a good March though.

Good photos of Easter.