Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few pics fron Saturday

Picture of my as a parrot head.

Matt hanging out after setting up.

Kurt doing the same as Matt.

Eric made the hat he made out of the top of our pool.

Vanessa had to give the hat a whirl.

Matt trying to take a nap.

Firworks closed the show.

Thanks for looking!


Rachael said...

Fun stuff! Lovin' the green hat!! Makes you feel like you're back in college!!!

Stacy Cartwright said...

looks like you had a blast.

the deep fried corn on the cob!!!
all we do is get the trukey frier out and heat the oil to about 350 and place the corn on the cob (broken in 1/2) into the oil for about 1 minute then pull it out and wrap each piece into foil and set it to the side until the rest of dinner is ready. the oil locks in all the sugar of the corn and it's not oily.

if you need to know more let me know.

Pamela said...

Looks fun! :)

Kristen said...

Looks like such a fun time. Love your hat! :)

Amanda L. said...

Wow....those are some funky hats!!!