Monday, June 09, 2008

Here is another one....

I feel like i am on a roll here. 2 layouts in two days.

I got inspiration for this layout at

I am hoping to work on another tonight!

On another note it is HOT, HOT, HOT here. I can't wait for this heat to break on Wednesday! It has been over 90 for like 3 days now.

It is way to hot to go out and Tyler's blow up pool has some holes in it so I have to get him a new one sometimes this week. We have tried the hose on sprinkle but I think he doesn't like because the water is too cold for him when it comes out.

I am also thinking I am going to get a stand up fan for the living room to help move air. We already have 2 fans in our bedroom to help move air at night. One day we are going to get ceiling fans in the bedrooms and we may look into getting a fan in the living room.

Thanks for reading!


Rachael said...

I see some Sass!!!

The storms have started here so that should hopefully cool it down!!! 100 degree weather just stinks. Hope you can get Ty a new pool soon!

Patrice~ said...

nice nice LO of
just you, Trish!
thanks for sharing!!