Monday, July 21, 2008

So why things have been crazy

So my life has been so crazy the last 2 weeks.

Matt has been in Northern CA helping with the fires there for the past 2 weeks and I have been at home tending to the home front.

I have been trying so hard to keep the house in order and keep a 2.5 yr old for hurting himself. Plus keeping up with my dad. I am TRIED.

So the house looks great, laundry is in the washer and Matt is on a plane on his way home and should here anytime now!

I am so excited to see him!!!! I was so afraid I was going to leave for Kansas City before he got back. But it has worked out that we will have a whole day together before I leave!

I can't wait to go to Kansas City! I am really looking forward to some time away for my crazy life here. It will be good to have some me time and time with some friends.

Hope I get some good pics to share!


Scrapbook Princess said...

Ohh Trish, hugs to you! I bet you are so happy to have Matt back! I hope Ty and your Dad are well too!!

scrappermimi said...

Enjoy your time away! You so deserve it!

Scrappy Girl said...

Found you while blog hopping. You are a busy gal. Love all the scrap stuff. We are currently potty training our 2 and 3 year old daughters. Argh. It is not going well. Love your blog!

Chelle said...


Glad you were/are able to get at least a day in before you go!

Hope you have a GREAT time and I look forward to seeing the pix and the pages you create!

Have a safe trip :)

teresamatz said...

enjoy your trip, hope things slow down a little for you

Tessa said...

hope you had a good time in kc!