Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know it has been 5 weeks and it is almost February but I am here now to update.

Things got a little crazy around the holidays. We have been trying to get back into the swing of things....find our routine again.

A few things to keep in mind as you read. My word for 2010 is FOCUS. I need to focus on my health, my business, my family and our household ie fiances and organizing. So with that said I have decided to break my year down into quarters. So you will see a end of March deadline on some of the updates below.

Here is some updates.

So I have been on Weight Watchers for 15 weeks and I have lost 14.5 lbs! I am pretty proud of myself. I have been making positive changes in my diet and I have increased the amount of activity I do in a day. I am hoping to lose another 5-8lbs in by the end of March.

We are currently working on buying paint for the master bedroom! I can't wait to get in there clean out stuff we don't need like old clothes and shoes and putting a fun color on the walls! I am hoping to score some new bedding! We will see what I can find in our price range once the painting and decluttering is done. This project had a March deadline as well.

Matt has gotten a second job so we have some extra money to get our fiances back in shape foe the year. With Matt starting this second job I am working hard on getting 1-2 jewelry parties booked a week so we can start 2011 in better shape then we started 2010.

Tyler turned 4 on 23rd(yesterday). He is getting so and he talks nonstop. We had a little party for him last night with some of his friends and their parents. My best friend(his godmother) came all the way down for Staten Island to celebrate with us! We had a great time and Tyler loved having all his friends over to see his new train set he got.

Thanks for reading!

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quiltingnana said...

you do seem focused....breaking the year into quarters sounds like a good idea. I am proud of you and Matt and the way you are tackling things.