Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The EPIC snow

We got about 2 ft of snow on Saturday and then today we got about another foot of the white stuff.

I am officially mad at snow and winter.

I am in so much pain for all the shoveling. Thank goodness my neighbor got a snow thrower last night and helped me dig out today while Matt was working another 12 hour day because of the weather.

Now the snow is starting to slow but the wind is picking up and I am praying we don't lose power. We need heat for the toddler and or my dad.

They are talking about more to come Monday. I think if that happens a lot of people will start popping Lexapro.

Come on Spring thaw we need it!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday. I have some from today but I haven't upload them yet. So more to come.

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