Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy March!!!!

Well it is March 3.........Time has been fling by.....But March has to be one of my favorite months. On the 20th Matt and I will be married 3 years. 3 yrs but it feels just like yesterday. I love my hubby!!!!! We got married on the 20th because it is the first day of spring and spring is my favorite time of year!!!!!!! I am going to try to post some wedding scrapbook pages this month.

Well what has been going on. This is the second weekend working at the park and so far it is going well. Monday night I am hoping to make a few Welcome Neighbor runs. I am also hoping to get out a mailing I have been working on for.

I talked to my best friend Dayna tonight and plans for her wedding are well under way. I am so happy for her and EJ. I can't wait to help her out and see what a beautiful wedding she puts together. She is my olds and dearst friend!

Ty had his first dinner date last night at 13 months. LOL. Matt and I watch one of the girls from Ty's playgroup. I got some really cute pictures of them going for a wagon ride and sitting and having dinner together. So cute!!!!! I can't wait to scrap them.

I am going to have to print so pictures this week. I got my kit today from The Scrapbook Society and it is great as always!!!!! So check it out I can't wait to post what I have created!

So Happy March to all!!!!!!!!

Spring is around the corner!

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