Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just because

I am posting just because.

We had such a crazy weekend.

Friday I went to work until 4 pm.

Saturday Ty had a birthday party. So cute Ty going to his first friend birthday party! Then I went home and packed.

Sunday we got up at the crack of early. Packed the car and drove for 5 1/2 hours to a town in western PA for a funeral for Matt's great aunt. We check in the hotel got changed then it was off to the funeral home. I meet a lot of Matt's family I had never meet b/c we had a really small wedding. Ty was the most well behaved baby.

Monday we got and were back on the road by 830 am. We finally made it home by 5pm. We did stop and see my dad. Who is doing great. He stood up for us!!!!!!He is doing so much better.

Yesterday we just hung out

Today we had a busy day. We had playgroup then we went and saw my dad. He eat all of his lunch and used the bathroom all on his own!!!!!! I know it may not seem like anything big but after all he has been through. Using the bathroom on his own is big. Especially since his insurance company said he reached a plateu. He didn't they just didn't want to pay for rehab anymore. I get so mad everytime I think about. He could be doing so much more if he was still in rehab. But he is making all this progress on his own. His own will. I know he will continue to move forward because a strong willed person and always gives his 110%. One day I am going to call and tell the insurance company how wrong they were.

Tonight I am going to try to scrap a little and attended chat night over at the Scrapbook Society. All the details are on the web site! It is always a good time! There is a great group of women on that site!

Another great site is Scrappers Bliss! More great ladies and more inspiration!

I am hoping to get some good mommy/ baby links on the blog this week!

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Scrapbook Princess said...

Trish that is wonderful about your dad. I know how the little things are the biggest milestones!!!

Enjoy the mommy baby time :)