Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blog Challenge

Okay over at Scrapgal they have blog challenges so I am going to give some a try. Today's challenge your to-do list. So here is mine:

1. Drop off Ty at Tracey's at 930. Done
2. BNI trainning 10am-1pm. Done
3. Pick up Ty before 130pm. Done
4. Complete one scrappy LO. Done
5. Clean the kitchen. Done
6. Clean dinningroom. Done
7. organize my Silpada Jewelry.
8. Clean up livingroom after Ty heads to bed.
9. Put maginze's in the rack.
10. call the pest contro guy for the ants.

10 is the first thing on my list tomorrow. I swear we live on an ant hill.


Patrice~ said...

We get little-bitty ants every spring! What's with those guys, anyway??

Rachael said...

Yuck, ants are bad this time of year! We have Orkin come every 3 months.