Friday, June 15, 2007

I got scrappy the other day!

I have had no motivation over the last month or so. But all of sudden I was on fire. I still have some more creative left in me so I need to get it on to paper before I lost it.

So here are my projects:

This page is of Ty and me. We had to submit a picture for the mom of the month at our MOMS Club so this is the picture we submitted. Matt took the picture for us.

I took these pictures when I took Tyler to the park. He wasn't sure of the swing at first but once we got started he loved it!

More pictures from the park. He loves to climb up the stairs then head down the slide. I just love his little smile!


Colleen said...

Love the flowers! Wow! You sure did get a lot done!

Kay said...

Great layouts! You are on fire, girl! I love when the creative juices flow. Want to send some my way?

Amy said...

Trish - YOU'RE TAGGED! (unless I missed somewhere that you had already been tagged -eek)

See me at

Love your book!!!!