Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tyler and his pants

While I was preparing breakfast things were too quite in the living room. So I walk in to find Tyler with his pants off and hung around his neck pushing his bubble mower. He is just to funny sometimes.

Here are a few pictures:

I am hoping he takes a nap soon. He has been up since 5am and he woke up a few times last night crying. He is working on some molars so he has not been at his happiest when he is sleeping. There is good news on the teeth front. His 4 eye teeth finally popped through. Now we just have to get through these molars and some shifting and hope fully no more teething problems until his 2 year molars come in.


Melynda Tetpon said...

Totally cute photos. You have been tagged!!!

Rachael said...

LOL Boys!

Amanda L. said...

too funny..have fun scrapping those!

Melanie said...

Those are some cute future bribery photos!