Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh what a day

Well I started off yesterday like it was a normal day. It was state holiday so I had to work. I get to work start working on projects and I get a call at 10 am from dad's aid. He had a seizure and was about to start another one. His aid had already called the paramedics and they were on their way. I closed up the office and headed to the hospital. When I got there he had a third seizure in the ambulance an the way there. There were 4 nurses, 3 doctors and the ambulance crew. He was still pretty out of it and twitching. I sat with him for 2 hours while they ran tests. Everything came back within normal range. So they admitted him.

I truly have no idea how my dad deals with this time and time again. I pray that the doctors can come up with a better treatment plan for him. I know this is hard on him. He had just got out of the hospital on September 26 and now he is back in.

The last year and half had been so hard on all of us. I know he wants to live because he keeps fighting. Please say a little pray for my dad.

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Rachael said...

Hoping they can get everything adjusted to put an end to all these seizures!