Monday, November 19, 2007

One crazy weekend

I picked up Matt at the airport and was in and out in record time.

Got out to Sayre around dinner time. So we checked in and ran to our friends house for pizza. The kids ran around like 3 nuts. Which Ty needed after the 4 hour drive. We head back to the hotel and went to bed around 900 because we were all so tired.

Tyler slept like a champ. The noise drunk people did not wake him. The alarm from the stuck elevator(sp) did not wake him. The drunk people at 2am did not wake him. But Matt I wake up every time he heard anything out of sorts.

So Ty was up at 730 and so were we. Matt showered first. Then I took Ty in with my to shower. We get out and I give Ty to Matt to dress. Ty jumps off the bed and runs into the bathroom and locks himself INSIDE. I get dressed Matt gets the maintenance man. While this is going on I hear a crash. I just know it is the glass from the vanity. Then I hear the scream and then the cry.

Now I am standing at the door pleading with a toddler to open the door. I just know he has cut him self some how. So Matt comes in then the maintenance man and then Ty opens the door.

I walk in and there is blood everywhere. I pick him up and look at his feet. He has about 7 cuts bleeding on his two little feet. I get him in the tub to rinse and check for glass. Matt starts cleaning up. I get his feet wrapped and in his socks and call our friends to see if they have a first aid kit. They do. So we finish packing and check out.

We cleaned his cuts out some more and my friends sister checks him out(she is a nurse) and he was fine. THANK GOODNESS!!!!

SO now comes the drive home in the what we thought was just going to be some flurries. Nope it started to SNOW once we got on the Turnpike. We couldn't even see the lanes in the road and no one was going over 30 MPH. Once we got past the Pocono Mts we were fine.

It took over 6 hrs to get home. NOT fun with a toddler.

So that was our fun weekend.

I am so happy to be home!!!!

We are not planning much travel in the next few weeks so we can recoup.

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