Thursday, April 03, 2008

All hooked up and ready to go!!

Tuesday was a very busy day for us.

We hosted playgroup, the plumbers were here finishing up the bathroom and my new fridge came.

Here is a picture of the fridge in its new home.

The bathroom is almost finished all that is left is to put up a few things and then I will take pictures of the remodel. Next on the chopping block is our master bathroom. After the bathroom we are moving on to livingroom.

We are also brainstorming so idea's for the kitchen and the back yard.

Stay tuned!


Rachael said...

It's always nice to have new and clean, to start out fresh!

It was pretty disgusting when we took all the shelves and drawers out of our fridge yesterday! blech, embarassing!!

Patrice~ said...

this is nice.
very very nice.

~ Amy W ~ said...

Sweet!!!! Love it when things break down just in time to get a fantastic deal!