Monday, April 21, 2008


Thank you everyone for you support and encouraging words!

I am still waiting a few test results to come in but the bottom line is I have to lose weight.

Tyler and I have been doing more walking and we are going to start back at the Y this week since our colds are gone.

Our master bath remodel is almost finished!!!!!! Tomorrow the plumbers come to hook up the plumbing and then we are good to go!!!!!!

This project has gone on for about 6 weeks and I am tired of the mess. So stay tuned for pics to come.

Next up is the living room. My mother in law and I are starting that project next week. I will post pics of this project as well.

I would post some pics in this post but I am without my computer or my hard drive. My hard drive last week decided to stop working and I did not back up so I am having lots of computer people looking a the hard drive to see if they can get my pictures back.

So please, please back up your computers!

So hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon!


Tracey said...

It sounds like you still have an awful lot on your plate. Good luck with your test results.

joybear said...

I hope they can save your photos!! Good luck with the weight loss can do it!! Can't wait to see photos of the new bath!

Rachael said...

Hope the test results come back okay.

Looking forward to your pictures.

Hard drive crash? Isn't your laptop less than a year old? Eeek!! Get yourself an external hard drive! Hope they can salvage!

Patrice~ said...

hugs to you Trish!
glad you both have those colds on the run - be sure and share pics of the re-model when you can!

Scrapbook Princess said...

Hope everything comes back ok!!

Thanks for the reminder... I am going to go buy one tomorrow and back everything up!!

Nicole said...

I really hope they can salvage your pics for you. Crossing my fingers for you in WA

Stacy Cartwright said...

Hope all goes well with the test results. I know you can get on track to lossing the weight.

Can't wait to see the photos of the home improvements you have made.