Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Sunday

So Sunday was our only weekend day to do something as a family since Matt had to work and be on call on Saturday.

I decided it would be a great day to head to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square,PA and afterwards run a few errands. Well our day started at 330am. Ty got up and would not go back to sleep....Lucky me!

I wasn't going to let the early morning wake up call ruin the day. At 830am we piled in the car and heading for Longwood(with a Dunkin Donuts stop). We arrive and so far so good! We headed right for the fall train display with Ty leading the way(have I mentioned this kid LOVES trains).

Ty ran around and around the display( did I mention this is his 3rd time to it. He would explain what trains were going around the display to anyone who would listen.

After we finished at the train display we headed for the conservatory. I was every excited to see all the fall colors they had up! It was the last day for the display and it did not disappoint me.

We did spend to much time in the conservatory Ty was trying to go for a swim in the pools. We left there and the toddler melt downs started(remember he has been up since before the chickens)we knew they we going to come we just hoped they would have waited until we were out of Longwood. It makes the walk to the car so much longer when you have to stop every few feet to either watch the child throw themselves on the ground or pick them up because they can't or wont walk. Finally we make it back to the car.

Now it is decision we continue with the errands we have to run or go home where he is going to be grumpy and not nap. So we decided to share his good mood with others.

First stop was Best Buy we wanted to do a little browsing and I needed a flash drive. Well he latched on to this Jeep toy thing that I think was more for the computer then a toy. So the throwing ourselves on the floor and mommy pick me up started again. So I made my way over to the computer section were I was approached by a man trying to sell me on Comcast. HELLO crying, whining child and you want to know who I get my Internet from. Told him I was in love with my FIOS and moved on. Found the flash drives and made our way to the check out. Now the toddler is starting to settle down! It was short lived. At the check out they had all kinds of candy(why oh why do you do that to parent??). He started freaking out over M&M's which he was not getting. Finally out of the store and back in the car. I am sure the people of Best Buy were not sad to see us go.

Decision time again...Do we go to New Balance for new sneakers for the toddler??? Sure why not...right? To our shock he was great! Picked out sneakers and tried them on like a pro. We pay and head for the car. Then he asks I want M&M's....ugh.

We head home have lunch and then head to Matt model train club open house. The kid had a ball and was well behaved until time to leave. We wrestled him to his sit and then took off. The whole way home (until he passed out....finally) he yelled about wanting a hot dog.

We had hog dogs for dinner just for him.

Thanks for reading!

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quiltingnana said...

he certainly is a live one!