Friday, November 20, 2009

So Sleepy

Late night my friend Erin hosted MNO(moms night out)at her house. She just got a new flat screen tv and she decided it would be fun to have us over eat some snacks and watch Twilight(yes we are all over the age of 14 and enjoy ourselves a little Edward and/or Jacob) of the big tv!

We had a great time!!!

There were 7 of us and Erin's brave husband Jeff. We laughed so hard I was almost in tears. 5 out of the 8 of us that watched the movie have read the book OR seen the movies before(more then once for some). So there was a whole of that not how it is on the book and we had to catch the 3 non readers up to speed because in my opinion the movies missed so key elements from the book. We wrapped up the party around 11:15....way past my bedtime.

So I get home and hope right into bed so I can get some sleep before my toddler 5am wake up call. Well the 5am wake up call turned out to be a 2:30am wake up call. So from 2:30 til about 4am my wonderful son would not go back to sleep. Finally get him back to sleep and get myself back to sleep it quickly turned to 6am and time for Matt to get up and ready for work. Lucky me!

Since we were up with the chickens I put together a very long to do list so I can keep busy and hopefully awake all day. The list is full of fun stuff like laundry. I am giving up on hope the laundry fairy is going to visit my house this week and do the laundry and put it away for me. Cleaning....lots of, kitchen and the usual follow the toddler around and pick up the destruction in his wake. One bright spot is playtime at Ty's friends house this afternoon. I am sure by the time we head out for the play date we will be more then happy to get out of the house for a while. I know my dad enjoys the quite when we are gone.

Well I better get started on my long to do list while I still believe I will not fall asleep standing up.

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quiltingnana said...

never don't recognize parents' sleep hours!!
Glad you had a good time last night