Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weight Loss and the Dentist

What do they have in common you ask....Nothing...It just that it is Thursday and I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Thursdays and I had a dentist appointment today because my left rear molar has been hurting when I chewed.

So my big weigh in I lost 1.4 pounds this past week and I am .6 pounds away from the 10 pound mark!!!!! Woohoo Go Me....Go Me!!!

I started this weight loss journey 4 weeks ago and I think I am doing really well so far! I didn't realize 4 weeks ago when I started that I need to do this so I can go off a medication I just started last week. While at the doctor for a sinus infection he went over my blood work and the labs came back that I am diabetic. So now I am on the I need to lose weight fast so I can get off this pill and maintain with diet and exercise. Talk about a wake up can and motivation. My mom passed away 6 years (almost 7) ago from complications from her diabetes. I don't want that to happen to me so I am telling everyone who will listen(mainly my therapist because I pay her to listen to me) that I am going to loss weight I am going exercise and I want everyone to hold me accountable. I want more babies(yes babies; two more maybe) one day and I need to this for my current family and the one we plan to have in the future.

Okay so that is my weight loss news. Now on to the dentist.

I have been having a little pain in my left rear molar for about 2 weeks. I decided to head to the dentist so I can prevent a root canal and get it filled(did I mention I have cheap Irish teeth as my dad would say). So I get there.... xrays comes in and says I think you need a root canal. Great, wonderful....back to the waiting room I go so I can wait to take to billing and scheduling. I get called back and I am told that the root canal will be $827 out of my pocket the insurance company will pick up the other $1,500. Which I already new because I am still paying off my April root canal out of pocket expense(remember cheap Irish teeth). So I sign my life away for another $827....what is another almost $1,000 in debt at this point right. I am scheduled for the root canal at 1030am(today). Great, lets get this over with.

While I wait to get called back I text the husband to let him know we are now $827 deeper in the hole and I call Ty's preschool/daycare and let them know I maybe late for pick up at noon.

I get called back and the dentist gives me great news he is going to drill first to check the extent of the cavity and if all looks good he will fill the tooth and save our Christmas( I figured of I needed the root canal I could ask Santa or anything else and Matt would have to enjoy my new root canal too because that's all we were getting this year). Since God was on my side this morning he ended only needing to fill the tooth and while he was in there he fill the one in front of it because it need a filling too(cheap Irish teeth remember).

So all in all pretty good day......1.4 pounds lighter....filling instead of a root canal....and Ty has yet to pee on the floor.

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quiltingnana said...

good news about the weight and know we are behind you all the way on can and will do it!! love you bunches