Saturday, December 19, 2009


It is snowing here today and I am wondering if it is every going to stop.

We had to cancel our plans to go away for the night CHILDLESS due to the weather. But Matt promises we will get our night away for the nut hut at which we live.

SO with our snowed in day we started out with breakfast at a local diner and a trip to Home Depot for a tot size shovel and ice melt. Then we have cleared the drive and walkway 3 times, made peppermint bark, cleaned and wrapped gifts. We still have to mop, laundry and bake for tomorrows Christmas gathering at our house.

Here are a few pictures for Ty helping Matt clear the walkway/front yard.

I am sure we will have more outside fun tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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quiltingnana said...

it's fun to watch kids play in the snow!!! have a wonderful holiday