Thursday, November 26, 2009

20 Things I am Thankful for - not in any particular order

I am borrowing this blog post idea from my friend Erin. Her blog link is off to my right(Does this house feel like a shoe?).

So my 20 things:

1. My husband Matt
2. My son Tyler
3. My dad is still with us
4. My in-laws
5. My brother getting it together
6. Coffee
7. The great friends I have(both old and new)
8. My Silpada business
9. Having a roof over our heads
10.My aunt who has become more like a mom since my mom passes
11.Surprises that come in the mail
12.Weight Watchers for showing me a new way to eat
13.Health insurance
14.Nick jr so I can have some sanity during the day
15.My crazy cat that is so sweet to Ty no matter how hard he pets her
16.Washable markers, crayons and paint
17.Apples taking over my sweet tooth
18.MOMS Club
19.My family
20.Books so I can have a distraction from my crazy life

Thanks for reading!

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