Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a great time at Nana and Pop pop's(Matt's parents) on Thanksgiving. We eat a great meal and had a great time visiting!

Yesterday was Black Friday and I thought I wasn't going to get any shopping done since Matt was working and I had Ty. But when there is a will there is a way. I decided at 730am Ty and I were going to Kohl's. We got there at 8am and was out by 9am with gift bought for mostly everyone on the list. Ty's behavior was great so he got some cars as a treat!

Then we went to Weight Watchers and I stayed the same not bad for eating a big meal the day before!

Our last stop(or so I thought) was the grocery store. I had a craving for homemade chicken soup. So I got all my supplies and headed home. Then I discovered the stock pot was nowhere to be found. Off to Kmart we go. I got the stock pot and then the challege came. Every alsie had some kind of toy in it. Ty was having meltdowns left and right. Finally payed and was on our way home. The soup turned out great!

This morning at 7am(was offically off on call) I got dressed and headed out to Toys R Us. I was in and out and got eveything on my list all under 45 mins.

We spent the morning decorating and now we are heading out to Walmart. Wish us luck!

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