Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where are your brown shoes?

So where are you shoes is a common question in our house. I swear someone or something eats my child's shoes. Every time we go to leave the house we spend 5-10mins looking for shoes(brown shoes, sneakers, Thomas the Tank Crocs or the red and blue Crocs).

We look under the sofa...nothing, we look in the bedrooms...nothing, we looking in the basket where they belong...nothing. How can this be???

Sometimes I luck out and find a pair in the car. See the coolest thing in Ty's toddler mind right now is walking in from the car shoe and sock less......I wonder if that is going to stop once it get colder....hmmm I will keep you posted.

So this how the shoe search is going this week.

The other day we searched and searched for Ty's brown shoes for our family pictures we were have taken at our house by my awesome photographer friend Kristen. Couldn't find them anywhere....not even in the car. So we had to squeeze his foot into his old brown shoes that were about a size to small because he was not going to wear his Crocs(the only shoes I can find). After the photo shoot he removed the too small shoes and put his Crocs on and hide the size too small shoes.

So this morning we were running late(like always) because dad needed to use the bathroom just before we were ready to leave(mind you asked 15 mins earlier if he had to go). So while we are waiting for grandpa to finish we start the dreaded shoe search. Do you think I could find any that fit(we found ones that were to small) NO. Then I remember that the Thomas Crocs are in the car. Great! Now do walk out and get them or make him walk to the car with out shoes. Yeah we opted for the walk with out shoes since he was already halfway out the door(once he is ready to he is ready to go).

But this still doesn't answer my question as to where are your brown shoes. How can I only find Thomas Crocs(which he is about to outgrow)? Where is the other red and blue Croc???

So this afternoon I will be send out the search party for the brown shoes and the missing Croc....If located they will go back into the basket were they belong and we can start the Where are your shoes? process.


Kristen said...

We do the "Where are your shoes" bit in my house too. Makes me bananas!

quiltingnana said...

brings back time we found one in the cupboard with the cereal!!!! All I could figure that the shoe was in the hand that was reaching for the cereal box.